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About Us

The WELIKA brand was created in Latvia in 2015 by designer Vita Velika. The brand name comes from the name and surname of the designer, as the soul of the designer is invested in the WELIKA brand. From early childhood, Vita drew sketches and sewed clothes for dolls, and then for herself and her loved ones. After having gained experience in this field while working for other companies, designer Vita Velika decided to create her own brand WELIKA. A feature of the brand is a unique artistic style, which is distinguished by its character. With the help of author's prints, embroideries, applications, new silhouettes and designs, the designer wants to emphasize the brand's individuality and its energy. It is for exclusivity, quality and special style that WELIKA customers love this brand.
Creating collections, the designer takes into account fashion trends, taking into account the
desires of consumers. Also creates new silhouettes, often ahead of fashion trends.
In WELIKA products it is combined. Exclusivity, quality and practicality. Creating products, the
designer carefully thinks through all these qualities. The goal of the WELIKA brand is to bring joy and happiness to people with WELIKA products. Indeed, with the help of clothes and his image, style, a person conveys his character, mood and attitude to life. Clothing plays an important role in a person's life. Each collection displays a specific theme. Therefore, when creating collections, a name is given, which carries a special meaning and its own history.
At the moment, the WELIKA brand offers women's, men's and children's clothing and various accessories with which you can create a complete look and style. The WELIKA brand plans to expand its range, surprise and delight people with its products, and also create new products.

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